Managing monitoring and compliance requires teamwork between many organisations and countries. Photo credit: Francisco Blaha

The Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) provides monitoring, control and surveillance policy and services to its members to build national capacity and regional solidarity to control fishing in the Pacific, including illegal, unreported and unknown fishing (IUU).

This includes the operation of the FFA Regional Fisheries Surveillance Centre, coordination of regional surveillance operations, technical expertise, information sharing and projects around monitoring activities, regional surveillance operations, the FFA Observer Program, FFA Vessel Monitoring System, FFA licence information list, and staff training and support.

FFA is also engaged in developing national Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) analytical capacity.

The Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission authorises, monitors and keeps records of the following systems and schemes, described in CMMs:

Records of meetings, proceedings, reports of the Technical and Compliance Committee are on the WCPFC website.

The Pacific Community’s [SPC] Oceanic Fisheries Programme (OFP) provides the science and data management support to underpin compliance operations.

OFP also aims to build regional and national capacity in monitoring control and surveillance of regional tuna fisheries with the overall aim of eliminating illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.