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Bycatch has garnered a lot of research and media. Photo credit: Francisco Blaha
  1. Demersal and pelagic longline: Night-setting
  2. Pelagic longline: Streamers (vessels <35 metres)
  3. Pelagic longline: Streamers (vessels ≥ 35 metres)
  4. Pelagic longline: Line weighting
  5. Pelagic longline: Side‐setting
  6. Pelagic longline: Blue‐dyed bait
  7. Pelagic longline: Bait caster and line shooter
  8. Demersal and pelagic longline: Haul mitigation

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A Summary of Bycatch Issues and ISSF Mitigation Activities To Date in Purse-Seine Fisheries, with Emphasis on FADs, ISSF, November 2017. This report summarizes the main bycatch issues in tropical purse seine fisheries, with an emphasis on FAD sets.

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